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I'm Annette

I have a background of running therapeutic art workshops for people with learning disabilities, Splat classes was a natural progression for me when I had my two girls. I loved watching them emerge themselves in sensory exploration, covering themselves from head to toe but it was hard to find a suitable space at home where they could really let go and benefit from messy play and the house didn't get just as smothered! That's when I discovered Splat Messy Play and jumped at the chance to provide a space where tots could be free and parents can relax and let them get really and truly messy.



I will be running weekly term time classes, birthday parties, events and holiday classes for children from around 6 months onwards.


Classes cost

£5.00 single class

4 week block £18

8 week block £32


Discounts are available for siblings and child-minder groups.


To enquire or book an event for your group, nursery or organisation, please contact me for further details.


To enquire or book a Birthday Party, please contact me so I can send you a Party Booking Information form.

Parties do book up quickly so please make sure you book in advance!


For more information on current sessions or to book a space please click on the following link.

Book Now- Isle of Wight


For up to date news on classes, events and competitions please visit and follow me on Facebook

I look forward to hearing from you.

Annette x


Isle of Wight

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